Over the next few posts, I’m going to introduce some of the dogs I meet daily. First, there’s Peggy. Of all the dogs I come across, Pegs is the only one who isn’t bothered about the biscuits. She’s after a quick massage (she’s often stiff from early-morning dampness), and some good old-fashioned time. And don’t think I’m under any delusions regarding my specialness as far as Pegs is concerned; I’ve seen her pimping the same sort of attention off most passersby who show any brand of interest.

We had an adventure with Peggy the other day. She has, it appears, hooked onto a family at the very rim of the city who might be trying to “get shot” of her. We found her wandering the streets about 2 kilometres from her “home”, and enticed her back to our place so that we could drive her back to her spot. Took quite a bit of coaxing to get her into the car, but once inside, and very much a-tremble from the novelty, we dropped her off. Without a backward glance (the movies can be very misleading) she shot off over the wall into the property she has adopted as home. It’s ingenious how she does it: first she springs onto the bonnet of an old wrecked car, then up onto its roof. Next, she’s perched on the column of a wall, then down in two bounds onto grass. Last I saw her was two days ago when she reversed this journey to greet me from the wreck’s roof. Yesterday and today, no sight, plus the owners of said property have blocked off some of her access to its garden. They’ve just had some building work done, maybe plan on some tenants, and Pegs might be a small hitch. I’m thinking that we returned a dog that got “lost” with some help. Tomorrow, hopefully, will prove me wrong, but the signs are not looking good. I’ll keep you posted.

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