Kanga & Shadow

Update: Both dogs are doing well. I’ve softened a little toward Shadow since I’ve discovered he’s a total, unmitigated coward. During Blue’s last period, we grabbed his attention. Bad timing for me; growing tired of being tailed and almost tripping over Blue’s suitors, I stamped my foot loudly in Shadow’s direction. He yelped as if physically struck, then whimpered off, tail flat against his belly. Kanga, the red-head, stole opportunities to eat some of my proffered biscuits during Shadow’s love quest; his attention had been raptly caught, and Kanga made lots of hay while that sun shone. He also acted as aggressor, chasing other dogs off so Shadow could have first dibs on Blue (which, incidentally, he never did since he was too timid). It’s fascinating what a longer telling of the story can help unfold. They really work as a team, these two. My initial reading of Kanga as abject victim has been rebooted.

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